What Is Social Emotional Learning? How to Understand and Implement SEL in Your Child Care Centers (+15 Trusted SEL Resources)

Social emotional learning (SEL) has been on the ECE agenda for a while—but the impact of COVID-19 has shifted it to the top of the list.

From the rise in news-related anxiety to the debate around schools reopening, uncertainty is on the increase in 2020. But with everything that’s going on, there’s one thing we do know for sure: SEL is now more important than ever.

“In the immediate post-COVID world, children will need a great deal of social-emotional support and guidance,” says ECE expert, author and podcast co-host, Cindy Terebush. “Many people—children, families, early childhood professionals and administrators—have experienced a trauma and we can't just go back like it can be erased. Administrators and their staff need to learn about trauma-sensitive approaches to setting up their environments and interactions.”

SEL is more than a quick lesson on stress-management. It teaches people to be better citizens and more positive contributors to communities—something we all need more of in 2020.

That’s why ECE leaders across the country are discovering that building systematic SEL practices into your whole business culture is the way to go. 

But what exactly is SEL? Why is it so important right now? And how can you incorporate SEL into your current practices?

In this comprehensive ebook we’ll guide you through everything you need to know—including why SEL is the trend to follow, where to find the top SEL resources, and more. 

Let’s do this!

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