I come from a world of big data. Having worked in the digital marketing space for many years, I’ve seen, firsthand, the emphasis on and value of using data, and the analysis thereof, to drive all aspects of a business, from internal operations to customer acquisition and retention. At the end of the day, data drives better decisions and, more often than not, simplifies things. It takes the guesswork out of strategies and actions and replaces it with concrete knowledge. One of my closest friends is the VP of Marketing at Clustertruck, a startup revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Data drives every marketing decision they make – If you’re a customer of theirs, and you order dinner for your family two Tuesday nights a month, you can bet that you’ll receive an email every Tuesday night, near dinner time, reminding you to place your dinner order. If you always order the same thing, you can bet that your email reminder will have your order already queued up – all you have to do is click the “Order Now” button in the email, and your order will be on its way. No need to visit their site & manually place your order.

MomentPath founding team all have significant levels of experience in big data, and, from the inception of the company, they knew that data, and the analysis thereof, would be a huge value add for our customers. So, they architected and built the MomentPath platform in a manner that allows for easy data collection & analysis. Think about it this way – every time you create a moment, you’re creating data. Every bit of information you add to that moment is valuable. It can be collected & analyzed.

There are innumerable data points you can analyze – some of them are required by the state in which you operate while others serve to help you make better business decisions. How? Think about it this way:

  1. Using MomentPath, you can search for trends in Check in and Check out times and make sure you are appropriately staffed. More kids, on average, stay later on Tuesday? Line up an additional staff member to help. Fewer kids stay late on Wednesday night? Send staff home and save money.
  2. You can search for trends in breakfast, lunch & snack consumption and tailor both your menu and food order. A large number of kids are eating some or none of the fish sticks? It might be time to consider removing them from the menu, cut back on your order, or replace them with something more popular.
  3. You can search for trends in incidents reports. 75% of the injuries that happen in your center happen on the monkey bars? It might be time to consider removing them.

The list goes on and on and, quite honestly, the possibilities are nearly endless. If there is key data that you want to analyze, we can collect it for you.

Alternatively, if you haven’t considered using data to help you run a smarter, more efficient business, perhaps now is the time. Feel free to reach out – We’d be happy to chat and figure out how we can help.

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