Being a child care provider requires wearing many different hats because there is so much to tend to. In addition to organizing lesson plans and providing the best possible care to the children, you also have to have a keen focus on marketing. This effort is twofold. It requires increasing awareness and reaching new parents while fulfilling current clients’ needs.  Here are a few top tips to finding those new kids on the block and ensuring they stay in the neighborhood.

Acquiring New Customers

Whether you just opened your daycare doors or have been in the industry for years, marketing your facility is essential. Many times advertising efforts are drowned out and lost in the distractions of every day. Parents are being pulled a million different directions and breaking through the noise can be a challenge. In addition to having a great Web site, get creative! Utilizing unconventional advertising strategies is a great way to garner attention. Here are 5 ideas to jump start your brainstorm in reaching the parents in your area:

  1. Offer free childcare in the evening once a month to allow parents to have a date night
  2. Host an event at your facility that is open to the community, such as a parent/child finger painting class or movie night
  3. Attach your business cards to the Halloween candy you are passing out this year
  4. Pair up with your local library to sponsor a storytelling time
  5. Offer a discount for referrals or bonuses to staff who bring in new business

Inbound marketing and content creation is another key for increasing awareness and admission to your daycare. How Inbound Marketing Can Boost Enrollment for Daycares is an excellent article published by Hub Spot detailing the different phases and processes a parent goes through when choosing a childcare facility and ways to nurture them along the way.

Retaining Your Current Customers

Keeping your current consumer base loyal is just as important as obtaining new business. Rewarding your parents and continuing to meet their changing needs and desires must stay at the forefront of your mind. One of the biggest pain points in this area is communication. Parents want to stay in the loop while they are at work and you want an efficient way to do this so you can focus on caring for the children.

MomentPath is a child care software application that eases the burden of daily sheets, allows you to log attendance, nap times, meals, and potty breaks all on one platform. The user interface of this child care app is simple and cuts down time normally spent tracking activities and filling out daily sheets. It facilitates smooth communication with parents, providing real-time updates, photos, and videos and allows you to spend more time on the reason you went into the child care businesses: the kids!

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