The terror. The exhaustion. The pick-up rush. You’re trying to reassure each parent that their precious angel is exactly that. It’s a hard sell if you’re prying fingers loose and speaking over sobs. Here are a few helpful pointers to make mornings and evenings run a little smoother. For everyone.

Don’t Let Parents Linger

Freak-outs usually reflect a perceived sense of danger. Mom and Dad need to know that when they hang around, darting anxious eyes, they’re pretty much queuing up the crocodile tears. Tell parents that pick-ups and drop-offs should be brief, but cheery. Within 3-6 weeks, quivering lips will be stiff upper ones.

Encourage confidence by pointing out other happy kids. Remind parents that howling usually stops a few seconds after they leave. With MomentPath you can send instant photos to substantiate their kiddo isn’t actually traumatized or plotting revenge for their betrayal. Parents will no longer be stressed or late for work.

Wiggle Room

In the mad scramble for coats and mittens, it happens: there’s a messy diaper. Or a knee scrape. Or any number of mini-disasters. Expect the unexpected so those moments don’t completely catch you off guard. It’s much better for the parents to witness the last few moments of playtime instead of your panting and flyaway hairs.

To work smarter, not harder, try a smartphone. MomentPath offers more prep time by doing away with daily sheets. With a swipe, you can digitally record each child’s progress on your mobile device. Without the frantic dash to fill out paperwork, you free up your hands for crises. Your organization will give parents an extra level of comfort.


Kids are adorable creatures of habit. Use consistency.


Start off with the same song or snack. Have the parents read a quick story or wave from the window if it eases the transition.

Create a chart for the kids to check off, like these color-coordinated banners and play-kits from Arken Preschool. Have the kids drop a sticker in their own bag each time they complete an activity. They’ll start to feel secure and special.

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You did it! The child is having such a good time, they’re now begging NOT to go. It can be comforting to have parents show up around the same time. Practice makes for a perfect (tear-free) departure.

With MomentPath’s daily emails and real-time updates, parents can build a ready awareness of hectic periods. You can come to a fast, easy agreement about their best arrival.

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