How it all began . . .

The story of MomentPath is a simple one. See these two precious little kiddos?


I felt the day to day strain of dropping my girls at a daycare and wondering throughout that day what they were doing. I longed for any connection to them throughout the day but instead received only a small slip of paper at the end of each day which would have a few notations about what the girls ate, how long they slept, or the occasional tidbit about an milestone the teacher thought was important. Experiencing this same situation in multiple child care environments ranging from very small to very large, I believed this was a problem technology could solve and with that need, MomentPath, the child care software application was born.

So, here we are with an awesome child care app and a strong desire to make parent and provider communication easy and more reliable! Based on current customer feedback, we are already doing JUST THAT!

Providers – Now that you are here, look around, create an account, test MomentPath out and let us help make your days easier.

Parents – If your daycare doesn’t already use MomentPath, tell them about us! Or, I’d be happy to reach out to them directly. Just send me ( the center director’s contact info and I’ll drop them a line.

Thanks all and I can’t wait to bring MomentPath to YOU!


Founder and CEO at MomentPath

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