Over the past several weeks, I’ve spoken with and gotten to know many potential customers. Inevitably, they ask, “Why should I sign up for MomentPath?”

With over 700,000 centers providing care for little ones across the U.S.¹, the need for your child care business to stand out from the crowd has never been greater. People recognize now more than ever the increasing value of Early Childhood Education, and the demand for high-quality care is near essential. When the profitability of your center depends upon your reputation and how efficiently you run your organization, it’s important to utilize tools that help you provide exceptional care to the kids in your center, and satisfy the desires of your paying customers: parents.

MomentPath exists to help you do just that and more. Check it out.

  • Saves you time. Hand writing forms for a classroom of children is time consuming. MomentPath allows you and your staff to quickly capture more information, which, in the end, allows you to spend more time providing exceptional care. Plus all those ballpoint pens out there thank you for sparing them.
  • Differentiates your center. Although 68% of American adults have smartphones³, many child care centers still rely on paper forms to track kids’ days. MomentPath can be a major selling point for prospective parents who value receiving end-of-day summaries via email or the option to opt in to real-time updates about their child’s day. In fact, one of our customers reports that her center never had a wait list until they started using MomentPath: “When prospective parents see MomentPath is offered, they want in. We’ve now got a waiting list and I definitely credit the app.”
  • Helps you make better business decisions. At MomentPath, we love data. We understand that every Moment you create is a way to capture data. In turn, this data can be analyzed and used to gain insight into the effectiveness and efficiency of your center. Need to know which lunch is most or least popular? Need to know what hours of the day you need typically need additional staffing? Need to track attendance across your center? MomentPath is designed to help you capture and use that information to your advantage.
  • Increases parental engagement. Parental engagement is a critical element in the success of a child. The more engaged parents are, the more successful their children are. Knowing what’s going on in their child’s day can bring parents extraordinary peace of mind. Proactive communication with parents allows your staff to truly focus on the children in their care.
  • Runs seamlessly on any device. If your device is connected to the Internet, MomentPath will work. Apple iPhone? Android phone? iPad? Android tablet? Laptop? Desktop? No problem. For phones and tablets, we have an app. For desktops and laptops, MomentPath is accessible via your web browser.
  • Easy to use. Unlike many software solutions out there, the process to become a functional user of MomentPath is surprisingly easy. For a typical customer, we’re able to get their account set up and their staff trained in roughly an hour. (No, we aren’t kidding!) Whether you’re 20 or 60, you’ll find MomentPath to be an incredibly intuitive app. If you can post a status in Facebook, you can use MomentPath.

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