Parents often turn to digital reviews to choose a childcare center. While the star system on Yelp can point them to the best sandwich, is it the most relevant and valuable content when deciding where to mold minds?

As a portable summary sheet, MomentPath is the most essential investment you can make as a childcare provider. You want to give the honest impression of consistently high standards for children’s emotional and social learning. MomentPath is a child care application that assures parents they don’t have to worry, but sends Immediate, reliable feedback on their child’s well-being when they do.

Through MomentPath, send real-time, storied snapshots of naps, snacks, bathroom schedules, and activities. With the swipe of a smartphone, record categorized videos, pictures, and lesson plans to give parents something to smile about throughout the day. Their transition from observer to participant will be your true differentiation as a genuine, personable care center.

Using the child care app, you can quickly log comments and attendance for less paperwork and more playtime. Daily emails package themselves for fast, easy recaps of a day in your company culture. Parents will be confident you’re the right fit, knowing exactly what interactions look like between your staff and their child.

Whether your selling feature is a smaller focused center or premium amenities, our child care application’s personalized profiles for each child will build parents’ confidence in your credentials (and continue to build your solid client base). MomentPath uses your understanding as an insider to make parents feel like less of an outsider. With fewer distractions from their work and yours, parents will trust that you share their values both as professionals and nurturers.

A shared sense of power is a must-have between educators and parents. After tearful goodbyes in the carpool lane, they no longer have to be left in the dark.

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