Since signing on as a MomentPath customer in early 2015, Karoline Sheets, program director at Learning Tree Childcare Ministry in Anderson, IN, has become a trusted advisor whose input and guidance have played an instrumental role in the evolution of MomentPath.

I recently spent some time chatting with her about what she, her staff and her parents think about MomentPath and the impact it has had on her center. Enjoy!

What problems has MomentPath helped you solve?

MomentPath has helped us build even stronger relationships with our families, which is incredibly important to me. It’s an additional mode of communication that we are now making use of and it’s definitely the one that families use the most.

Also, before MomentPath, our teachers would spend most of nap time documenting daily activities for parents on sheets of paper. These sheets of paper would often end up on the floor of their car, or – believe it or not – in the trash can on the way out the door.

Now, parents are using the daily emails and the app to look back at the progress their child has made. I have one parent specifically that was asked to keep a food journal for her toddler. With MomentPath she is able to pull up her meals very easily and track when she ate, what she ate, and how much she ate.

What’s your favorite thing about MomentPath?

It’s hard to pick a favorite. For me I would say I love that we are able to share pictures and videos of each child’s day with parents. I also love that my team now spends less time recording daily items for parents. This gives them more time to work on other aspects of their classroom and gives them more time to spend involved with their children.

Finally, one of my most favorite things is that I can always reach out to the MomentPath team if I’m having an issue and they are very quick at resolving any problems as well as giving me options as we work through the issue.

How do your teachers feel about MomentPath?

My team overwhelmingly will tell you that they love MomentPath for many different reasons. Most of the team members will tell you that the photos are their favorite part too. Our team is really excited to share all of the special things that they are doing in their classrooms. They love being able to give parents a snapshot into their child’s day so they understand they are not just spending the day playing.

How do parents react when they find out Learning Tree is using MomentPath?

When we first started using MomentPath, parents were overwhelmingly quick to say how much they loved it. As they started receiving the daily updates, pictures, and videos, they immediately felt more involved in what went on with their child during the day.

Parents also love the fact that they receive real-time updates. Prior to using MomentPath, I would have parents call me throughout the day to check on their child – especially the parents of younger children. Now it’s not to say that they don’t call to check in, but they have the real-time option of getting updates, which gives them greater peace of mind, so they call in less.

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