Vicki Maynard, executive director of SarahCare of Indianapolis, took some time to share her experience with MomentPath and how it’s helped SarahCare of Indianapolis communicate with families more effectively and operate more efficiently.

How long have you been using MomentPath?

We’ve been working with MomentPath for over a year, although it feels like we’ve been here forever! Mostly because I don’t want to remember the dark ages before MomentPath[chuckles]….

What are some challenges MomentPath has solved for your organization?

Where do I begin? We used to have a very tedious check-in/check-out process. Paper sheets and all that, you know? We no longer have to manually sift through check-in sheets or manually calculate how long a loved one was with us because MomentPath automatically does it for us. This feature alone saves us countless administrative hours wrangling attendance numbers.

Another one of my favorite challenges MomentPath solves for us is incident tracking. The process we had previously for incidents was inefficient and time-consuming. It was difficult to track and we had no way of using the data recorded to understand when incidents most commonly happened and why. It was awful. Now we are able to track incidents by type, and we are able to report those efficiently.

So, what is the biggest benefit for family members using MomentPath?

Family members are able to really understand the value of the care we provide when they see the Moments created within MomentPath. They are able to receive real-time updates via text and email, as well as daily summaries at the end of each day. The summaries help provide family members with the information they need in order to best care for their loved ones after they are taken home because they know exactly what happened during the day while we cared for them. Meals, medicines, activities…all of this information is collected and communicated to family members through MomentPath.

What do family members of loved ones in your care say about MomentPath?

I’m going to read a quote one family member shared with me: She said, “MomentPath yields tremendous value to our family by providing visibility into our father’s care throughout the day. We are able to take the information recorded in MomentPath by SarahCare and then directly communicate that information with his in-home care providers, which equips them with all information necessary to care for him well, whether it be a great day or a not-so-great day. This was especially helpful when we were out of town a few days because MomentPath was able to effectively communicate details about his care in both spaces. We are so appreciative of MomentPath, and can’t imagine going back to the way it was before!”

I mean…how fabulous is that testimony?

What would you say to someone considering MomentPath for their organization?

DO IT. [Laughs] I know changing systems and processes can be overwhelming to think about…you’ve got so much going on and you’re afraid one more thing would be too much to handle. But I promise you won’t regret it. MomentPath makes the implementation process so easy, and once you start using it, you will totally understand why every other customer loves it.

Technology isn’t our enemy in this industry…it’s one of our greatest allies in helping us care for our people.

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