Today’s customer spotlight features Jen Sweet, director of Sweet Beginnings Child Care Center. Jen made us blush with all the nice things she had to say about how MomentPath has improved communication at her center. We love working with you, too, Jen!

What do you like about MomentPath?

It’s very convenient. Before MomentPath, we always did daily sheets on paper. Now we have all our information in one place, which makes it easy for parents to read, and it’s all in real time. Everything is simplified and easy to find, so there’s no need for one-off emails anymore. Also, running reports takes much less time with MomentPath.

MomentPath’s customer service is awesome. I was amazed that I could email customer service and get a fast response. If I had a suggestion about MomentPath, it would be implemented, which was very refreshing.

What do parents like about MomentPath?

The day-to-day communication. We don’t want to disturb parents during work, but we know they love getting pictures, videos, and messages about their kids. With MomentPath, parents can see what’s going on when it’s convenient for them.

What do teachers like about MomentPath?

The teachers like how they can log Moments and notes as soon as they think about it instead of trying to remember later during nap. They put the information in, put the phone or tablet down, and go about their day.

Also, MomentPath has opened communication between teachers and parents. We have better conversations with parents now because they see what’s been going on all day and we can talk about it at pick up.

What would you tell someone considering MomentPath?

I signed up the day I first heard about MomentPath! And I don’t know what I would do without MomentPath. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s very user-friendly and the customer service is great. It’s such a resource for the teachers, parents, and me. I’ve even had a few families who have shared MomentPath with their friends.


Thank you, Jen, for your kind words!

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