It’s no secret or surprise that within the last decade life as we know it has been rapidly changing because of the constant accessibility and usability of technology. Whether we like it or not, technology is everywhere. It’s taken over offices, homes, personal lives, and child care is no exception.

Whether you’re a teacher, an administrator, or a parent, you are probably feeling a little nostalgic about the way child care used to be.

But should you really feel this way?

Let’s compare child care before and after technology has changed the child care world forever.


– You’re running late. Without technology, the question isn’t whom to call, but how to call and how to communicate that, no, you haven’t forgotten about your child or been in a terrible accident — life (as it usually does) just happened.

– Remember the good old days of writing and receiving paper daily sheets every day? Every. Single. Day. Yeah, you’re recycling bin does, too. Enough said.

-Everyone has heard their child share stories about family or school projects or field trips or crafts, and while the limitless child mind may exaggerate a detail or two, you still want to see for yourself. The only problem? You can’t. Until crafts come home from being hung around the classroom, so you’re left dealing with serious FOMO.


-Running late? No worries. Call the attendance line from your cell phone from traffic, send an email to your school, or if you have the relationship, text your student’s teacher! There’s more understanding, more of a heads-up, and less stress on parents and teachers alike.

– Goodbye paper daily sheets! With technology like, you get rid of daily sheets, sign-in sheets, notes home from parents, announcements, calendars, and more. Your recycling bin thanks you.

-Pictures and videos make seeing your child’s day little easier. The ability to receive a quick snapshot of a field trip, a craft day, or even just a moment of joy is a game changer. Capturing moments using technology like changes “What did you do today?” to “It looks like you had fun today!”

Still feeling nostalgic? Stop! Technology has revolutionized child care to create an environment of sharing and engagement. Systems like can help you feel closer to your child. With

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