We’ve been nominated for a Mira Award (New Startup of the Year, to be exact), and I’m beyond excited. I know it’s an awards-show cliché, but I’m honored just for the company to be nominated. The Mira Awards are a badge of honor in the Indianapolis tech scene and beyond.

Because of that, I feel pride when I think about our nomination. I’m proud of our company and our team for the progress and learning that happened in 2017, which made this nomination possible. We never stopped learning, and used every phone call, every meeting, and every email as an opportunity to get better.

I’m proud of where we’ve been over the past 14 months. Our team has grown, our strategy has evolved, and the family we call our customers adds new members every week. Our customers give us such joy (not to mention insight), I feel lucky to serve them.

So this nomination has everyone at tend.ly feeling excited and proud. For TechPoint to recognize the team’s efforts likes this tells me we’re on the right track, and inspires me—and the whole team—to dream big. The sky’s the limit for 2018.

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