Happy New Year! We just launched our best features of 2021.
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The Best Features of 2021

This year brought dozens of amazing new features to help your enterprise connect, stay safe, save time & do even more with MomentPath. Here are a few of our team's favorite new features.

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Rules and Suggestions

Forgot to post a daily picture for a kiddo? No Worries! You can set up rules and suggestions for any and all moments to remind you that a Comment Moment needs posting, a Name to Face Check needs to be completed, or even that it is time to take a potty break! For more information on how this awesome feature works, check below.

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Allergies & Important Notes

Being able to quickly identify allergies and important notes listed for a child in your care ranks pretty high in importance! Through the MomentPath mobile app, you can access this information with just one click. Once an allergy or important note is listed on a child’s Outlook profile field an indicator will appear to remind you.

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Express Drive-up

The first two hours of the day in an ECE center can be quite hectic as kiddos are flooding in and who doesn’t love a quick heads up! Your MomentPath dashboard holds a widget that gives you a glance at which parents have completed their informed arrival and plan to pick up or drop off their kiddo. But wait, it gets better. The parents can give an estimated time! What!

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Covid-19 Screening

Give parents the ability to complete a virtual Covid screening right in MomentPath. Along with the express drive-up widget, parents can now fill out a Covid questionnaire informing teachers and staff that their child is not showing symptoms! If this is something you would like to utilize at your center, contact us at support@momentpath.com

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Sleep Check Enhancements

Conducting sleep checks has gotten a little easier with this new MomentPath feature! Teachers are reminded to check for any signs of distress from their students while they are sleeping during naptime as well as make note of their sleep position.

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What's New?

Stay on top of the newest features and bug fixes MomentPath releases by using the What’s New feature from your computer or your tablet. When we release updates, you will see a small indicator hovering over the “i” icon to let you know there is something new to check out!

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Refreshed UI/Dashboards

We started our year with the click of an “Update” button on your MomentPath dashboards. Widgets can be game-changers, especially when they hold information such as recent activity in your center, current ratios, and the number of checked-in kiddos! View all of your important day-to-day information on one screen with the My Site tab, while keeping track of past due accounts and chargebacks on your Billing dashboard!

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Media Review

For those families that appreciate the privacy of their kiddos cute face, use the new Media Review feature to ensure pictures go through a review process before posting. This feature gives you the ability to mark a child as media review required, media forbidden, or even just filtered to internal or external use. To learn more about the ins and outs of this feature, check out the help doc below!

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Batch Posting

The less clicks the better, and that is something we certainly believe in here at MomentPath. No need to go to each child’s profile in your classroom and add a Field Trip charge to their invoice. Instead, you can do a batch posting for every single child from one screen!

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Scheduling Enhancements

Utilizing the space at your ECE center is important, so why not map it out? Using the schedule tab on a child’s profile, you can now stack multiple schedules to account for any transitions that child will be making throughout their time at your center.

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Document Acknowledgment

Just need to know that a parent viewed a document? Easy! When you create a document, you can require just a simple acknowledgment from the parent. Done and done!

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Activities & Theme Banks

Teachers helping teachers can allow for more learning time and less work time. With the Activities + Theme Banks feature, your teachers can collaborate on lesson plans to share ideas. Happy Learning! If this is something you would like to utilize at your center, reach out to us at support@momentpath.com.

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Announcement Reminders

Little Jack will no longer be the only kiddo that forgot to wear crazy socks on crazy sock day because you can create reminders for the announcements you send out! Whether you want your announcement to resurface every day until the final day, or maybe you just want to send one little nudge, you can schedule these when you create your announcements!

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Set different invoice and due dates for your different billing schedules

Need help setting due dates for your different billing schedules? We are happy to announce that you can schedule different recurring due dates for your center! Billing schedules determine when invoices are due and sent to primary caregivers.

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Manually send any billing plans or items in one invoice

What happens if I need to immediately invoice a parent? No need to worry, you can now manually send an invoice, which will notify the parent that they have an open invoice.

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Charge, receive, and apply security deposits at your center

Chances are, your families are going to want their security deposits back when their child ages out of your center. Within MomentPath, you can easily manage these security deposits whether you are charging for one or applying one to an invoice! Check out the resource below to learn more about it.

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